Liz Pinkerton

Elizabeth Pinkerton

Liz Pinkerton, Board Member

I have enjoyed a working career with a strong focus on supporting people, firstly as a paediatric registered nurse and then as a psychologist working in education. Most of my 17 years as a psychologist has been working with adolescents who are considered, ‘at risk’, disengaged and often misunderstood, and generally fighting to have their voice heard and have their needs met.

I am so proud to be part of the Kai Fella Board and the work it does to support young people to find their voice, seek support and build their own protective networks. The workshops funded by Kai Fella are a powerful mechanism to deliver some important messages. Mental health is a shared responsibility and staying connected and reaching out strengthens our ability to navigate life.

Professionally I am a Registered Nurse, Registered Psychologist with a master’s in special education. Personally, I am a wife and mother of 3 adult boys, one dog and love spending time with our growing family, camping and exploring our beautiful country.

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