Peer-driven workshops that build emotional strength

Emotional strength training workshops for Years 10, 11 and 12

Our engaging and immersive workshops allow young people to talk about their challenges without judgement. They provide strategies to build emotional strength through peer support. We deliver workshops in Weeks 4 to 9 of each term.

Challenging Stereotypes

An exploration of the male stereotype, its impact on our lives and how we can re-shape our expectations for ourselves and our peers.

Changing Culture

A deep dive into how we treat each other, how our actions affect those around us and how we can support a culture of individuality.

Taking Responsibility

An investigation into our past actions, our impact on the world and how to build stronger relationships.

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Empower your students with essential life skills.

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Meet our facilitators

Our facilitators are have several years of practical experience delivering engaging workshops to young people. They are dedicated to our mission.

Mel O’Neil-King


Rhett Corker


Exciting collaboration
Youth Mental Health Research

We are collaborating with The Perron Institute – Led by Associate Professor Jennifer Rodger.

The Brain Plasticity research group at the Perron Institute focuses on addressing the urgent need for improved treatment options for youth struggling with mental health issues.

Engaging in both preclinical and clinical research, the group investigates the physiological, cellular, and molecular basis of brain plasticity, aiming to uncover the causes of mental health conditions and explore potential therapeutic interventions.

Ultimately, their goal is to implement a personalised treatment selection pipeline to expand treatment options, raise awareness, and educate the community about youth mental health.

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