Mike Barker

Mike Barker, Board Member

Mike Barker, Board Member

I came across the work of Kai Fella when visiting Perth. A former work colleague took me to the Kai Fella 24 hours Pilates fundraising event, a year after Kai had passed 

The work Claire and Kai Fella was doing struck a chord with me. Later I decided mental health and young people’s education were two causes dear to my heart for which I could give back to society.

Joining Kai Fella in 2021 was a heart-warming moment. Having experienced mental illness myself, it was a privilege to support an organisation that breaks down the barriers hindering young people from talking about mental health openly and empathetically.

My professional background is as a corporate legal and finance professional, with 25 years in professional services firms in the UK (where I was born and grew up) and Australia. I now have an in house General Counsel role and also manage my own advisory business, Flying Change Services, which helps to guide people through major personal and business life events, including divorce, mediation and business advice.

I am a father of a beautiful young woman, and horses and polo are my other passions – I love spending time caring for my three horses, for enjoyment, wellbeing and reconnecting to life and nature.

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