About Tomorrow Man

With the help of Kai Fella, the Tomorrow Man workshops have been able to help WA men disrupt stereotypes and build emotional muscle.

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Kai Fella's Support Of Tomorrow Man

With the help of Kai Fella, Tomorrow Man has been able to work with thousands of young men across Western Australia. Tomorrow Man facilitates workshops for boys and parents to help build a generation of men who have emotional muscle, and the skills to deal with life's ups and downs.

"We lose one man every 3.5 hours, of every day, to suicide in Australia. Enough is enough."

Disrupt - Old school male stereotypes.
Build - Build and practice using emotional muscle.
Re-Invent - Define a healthier version of masculinity to live by.

Tomorrow Man for WA Men

Tomorrow Man's aim is to go where boys and men gather. They create training grounds to build emotional muscle and spaces free of judgement, to start conversations about the man of tomorrow. From secondary schools, TAFE, universities, amateur and professional sporting clubs, male dominated workplaces to whole communities. Find out more about their workshops today.